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Rediscover your place
in nature

Offering a truly unique blend of sustainability and comfort, a week at TOJI is an immersion into nature, harmony, and self reflection. Explore the wildlife trails on our private reserves; observe the budding regenerative farming operations, or just relax and reflect in our saltwater infinity pool that overlooks it all.


Besides being an “Oasis of Calm” overlooking the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, Toji is also the spiritual, educational, and human center for our budding micro farm and circular small business community, Dos Colinas.  “Toji” is the Maleku tribe word for sun, which of course is the origin of all the energy that is taken into the circular systems of nature. 

As a guest of Toji Nature Retreat, you help us to give back to mother nature, and to the Maleku tribe; as a portion of Toji’s income goes to support both internal and Maleku tribe reforestation efforts.   


One-of-a-kind eco-resort, nature reserve & farm stay, Our Villa is designed to utilize, reuse, and protect the rich natural resources of Costa Rica to provide an unparalleled combination of luxury, sustainability, and community.

At TOJI we welcome our guests to reconnect with nature and themselves. You can book the entire villa for your private wellness retreat, eco-friendly wedding, or family reunion. Whether you are visiting to transform your business model, recenter your life, or unite with family around nature, you will leave our retreat happier and more connected to what really matters.

11 Ocean-View Rooms
Salt Water Infinity Pool
Private Concierge
Private Chef
Private Nature Trail
Cascade and Rock Pools
Therapeutic Massages
Educational Workshops
Adventure Excursions
Private Yoga Deck
Yoga & Meditation Classes

Extraordinarily awesome experience

We are a family of 12, and celebrating:80th, recent marriage, recent return from B2B health crises. Thank you for an extraordinarily awesome experience. I can’t think of a better way to leap back in to living!!!We are all filled with much gratitude for all of the things TOJI offered… Much Love.Pura Vida!


Deirdre P (US),

Family with older children / Stayed on 2023-04

An unforgettable experience - World-class Accommodations

Toji and the amazing staff made Costa Rica an unforgettable experience for my family. The accommodations were world class. Chef Yayi’s food and presentation kept us entertained at every meal, our rooms were unique and comfortable, the grounds were beautiful and full of wildlife, and the staff was beyond kind. We came to Costa Rica for the culture and beauty, we will return for the beautiful friendships we made at Toji.


Adam E. ,

Group via Airbnb / Stayed on 2022-06

Like a Dream Come True

This place felt like a dream come true. The service, the food, and most importantly THE PEOPLE added to a singular experience that I/we will never forget. Cheers! xoxo


Michael, EVNTWRKS (US),

Group / Stayed on 2023-01

The Trip of a Lifetime

Honestly, the trip of a lifetime! The views were even better than expected! I’ll remember yoga with Hunter, the hike with Jay ( & him running out to get us water after the sweat lodge!). All of Chef’s delicious meals & just enjoying the time together.❤️


Victoria, EVNTWRKS (US),

Group / Stayed on 2023-01

Magical experience. connecting in nature

Magical experience with my whole crew- connecting in nature. We all had so much fun getting to know you all, learning about Costa Rica and your community. Your love of what you all do shines so brightly. We couldn't have asked for a more magical way to start the year, being inspired by each other & all the beauty around us. We can’t wait to com back next year!!❤️


Group / Stayed on 2023-01

Transformative, life changing experience

Thank you for creating such an incredibly beautiful place. The beauty + magic of here allowed an incredible, transformative, life changing experience. So much gratitude, much love ❤️


Megan K (US),

Group / Stayed on 2023-02

Chef Mike was Fantastic

Dear TOJI, Thank you for one of the most amazing stays! Your Hospitality is so welcoming- wonderful! Chef Mike was fantastic! Absolutely beautiful resort, we will be back!Pura Vida TOJI !!


Jenny A. (US),

Family with older children | stayed on 2023-03


Toji Nature Retreat is leading the way toward a new set of sustainability standards for retreat centers and resorts. Everything we do is inspired by the efficiency of nature and we design all of our operations with a circular use of resources in mind. We offer our visitors the education and tools they need to incorporate these ideas into their daily lives and businesses when they return home. We aim to educate through immersion, providing a calm place in nature for you to recenter, reflect, and rethink where you and your businesses fit into social and environmental causes that are important to you.


We focus our sustainability on finding a balance between all 3:

Human in Nature (People)

Humans are a part of nature, yet have the unique and conscious power to elevate or destroy our relationships within our natural systems. For this and many reasons, quality of life and happiness for our employees and all community members is critical to genuinely sustainable development.  Toji donates at minimum 1% of its revenues to social impact programs:

- Continual learning & engagement programs like first aid class, financial workshops, and yoga.

- External community programs like beach cleanups, reforestation days, and school repair for all community members.  

Carbon Offsets (Planet)

All of Toji's ecotourism and operational activities are designed to help minimize our (negative) impact on our natural ecosystem.  Our 2 dedicated nature reserves (over 16 acres) stimulate biodiversity and carbon sequestration.  Our regenerative agriculture food forests help to restore soil, capture carbon, and overall ecosystem health. 


On top of these internal daily practices that improve our local environment, Toji also donates at minimum 1% of its revenue to reforestation efforts to help offset the carbon footprint of travelers who visit via air travel.

OG Capitalism (Profit)

Creating a missions based company and balanced community all sounds warm and cozy, but you can't achieve long term sustainable or expect to make long term impact without making money.  We hope our business and community model will be replicable by others, so the financial health, cash flow, and revenue streams are all thought out within the balanced approach of OG Capitalism.  

OG Capitalism is a set business and life principles that are derived from some of the original pioneers of capitalism who focused on local and family trade, appreciated the benefits of minimizing waste, and looked toward nature to learn and improve their business models.  (Mother Nature is the OG of economics after all!). 

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